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IAS Network- Modern India History Notes



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IAS Network- Modern India History Notes

Topics Covered :
Arrival Of The Europeans In India
India At The Time of British Conquest
Expansion and Consolidation of the British Empire In India
Resistance against the British before 1857
The 1857 Revolt
Socio-Religious Reform Movements
Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements
Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India
Foundation And Moderate Phase Of Indian National Congress
Era of Militant Nationalism (1905-1909)
First Phase of Revolutionary Activities (1907-1917)
First World War and Nationalist Response
Emergence of Gandhi, Gandhi In South Africa
Non Cooperation Movement and Khilafat Andolan
Emergence of Swarajists, Socialists ideas, Revolutionary Activities
Simon Commission and the Nehru Report
Civil Disobedience Movement and Round Table Conferences
Debates on the Strategy after Civil Disobedience Movement
Congress Rule in Provinces
Nationalist Response in the Wake of World War II
Quit India Movement, Demand for Pakistan, and the INA
Post – War National Scenario
Independence And Partition
British Policies in India
Economic Impact of the British Rule in India
Development of Indian Press Under British Rule
Development of Education Under British Rule
Peasant Movements in India


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