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IAS Examination

UPSC IAS Examination Phase –

UPSC organizes the Civil Services Examination every year, which we also know as the IAS exam. UPSC organizes nearly a dozen examinations for various services, such as engineering, medical, forest service, Indian Engineering Service
Ground service
Indian economic and statistical service
Special Class Railway Trainee Service
Central police service
Joint medical service
National defense service
And so on. In this article we will learn about the UPSC IAS test pattern. There are three stages in this examination. The first is the Preliminary Examination. Second is Main Examination and Interview / Personality Test. Each candidate has to go through these steps. Next we will understand all the steps and their patterns in detail.

Preliminary Exam:

This examination is held in the month of June.
In this stage of the examination, we have to give two papers, the first of which is General Studies, which comes in the form of the first question paper and the second paper is the Civil Services Aptitude Test. In which each paper is of 200 marks and all the questions are Objective type which you get for four hours to solve, that is, two hours for each question paper. One important thing related to this examination is that the result of the initial examination (the sum of points) is not added to the final examination and you can not even give the main examination without passing the initial examination. In the Financial Merit of the IAS examination, only the marks scored in the main examination and interview are added and accordingly your rank is determined.

Mains Examination: This exam is held in the month of October.
There are nine papers in this examination and about 180 to 200 questions, whose total is 1750 points. Three papers are set for each paper.

First Question Paper: In this, you have to select one of eighteen Indian Indian languages, on the basis of which this paper is, and it is of 300 marks, in which there are 20 to 25 questions. And note that the points of this Papa are not added to the final result.

Second question paper: This question paper is of English language and it is also 300 marks and the points of this paper are also not included in the final result.

Note: We have understood that the marks in Paper-I and Paper-2 are not added to the final result.

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